Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Purse Cake

Date: 31-Mar-2011

Blessed Birthday Mum!!  :-D We celebrated mum's birthday at Formosa House Chinese Restaurant (Add: 86 Springvale Rd, Nunawading). Food there was excellent especially that fish that was recommended to us... yum yum!! My hubby has helped me to label the types of food we ordered! LOL!

OK not sure what's happening with the arrangement of the photos here... but here they are anyway...

Canton Pork Ribs
Crispy Chicken

Sizzling Mongolian Lamb

Spicy Salt Deep Fried Fish
Yummy food!!

Combination Tofu Hot Pot
Baked the usual Japanese Strawberry Shortcake then covered it with the same frosting I used for the Birthday robot cake.

The idea was inspired by this website:

Ooopsss! Candles burnt the handles!
I used:
(a) for handles: long twisted marshmallows - cut into 2 long pieces (you can buy them at the sweet section of BigW in ForestHill, VIC. It took a ridiculously long time just to find the long marshmallows... one of those where you remember seeing them somewhere but can't quite remember which shop it was, so you end up visiting many shops to find it & finally find it in the very last shop...).
(b) for flower petals: normal white marshmallows - cut into 3
(c) for center of each flower: Malteesers
(d) for leaves: Spearmint leaves - cut into 2 (can be found in Target)
(e) for buttons on side of bag - brown M&Ms

Cake anyone?

I sprinkled pink 100s & 1000s at bottom just for added fun... & made a colorful border on the cake plate, using the left-over M&Ms.

Note: Do not put candles near the handles, as you can see, those marshmallow handles burn easily!


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