Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Golf Cake

Birthday Cake: 2-Apr-2011

Decorated this cake for a friend & I thought I'd show some pics of it...  Inspiration for the decoration came from this parenting website.

My mum baked the massive chocolate walnut liquor cake... :-) 

I used:
(a) rough dried shredded coconut (not the fine one & not the fresh one either) - for grass dyed green using green & a bit of yellow food colouring
(b) egg roll biscuits (from the Asian Grocery Shop) -  crushed up for sand
(c) red coloured Strapz - for the flag
(d) small skewer - for the flag pole
(e) 1 large chocolate melts - for the hole
(f) 3 Lindt golf balls (bought from SweetAs)
(g) Strawberry Frosting (which my mum said was the wrong frosting to use... Ooopsss) - dyed bluish for water - pictured doesn't look too blue & it wasn't, I think I had to put more blue into it next time, oh well! & green for the grass green where the flag pole is.


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