Sunday, September 26, 2010

Onigiri (another form of Sushi)

Lunch: 25-Sep-2010

I had always called this sushi as well... even though it wasn't like the traditional sushi rolls but has since been corrected by one of my friends, Alpha (Thanks!)...  :-D My kids LOVE having this... although I do make them in the huge jumbo size now... LOL! Simply because when I made tiny little ones, they were eating it faster than I could actually make them... *hahahaha*  ;-P

2 cups of rice made about 18 little onigiris as pictured above.
2nd picture on the right shows the onigiri moulds (the ones I have)... :-)

Sushi Rice
Japanese Rice Vinegar (optional - I don't put this for my kids)
Japanese Sushi Rice flavouring (sprinklings)
Canned Tuna
Canned Corn
Japanese Mayonaise

Most ingredients obtainable from your local grocery stores like Coles & Woolworths. You may need to go to your local asian grocery store for the rest (eg. Japanese Sushi Rice Flavouring/sprinkling)! :-)

1. Cook 2 cups of sushi rice in your rice pot.
2. Add 6 dinner spoons of sushi vinegar once rice cooked & mixed thoroughly. (Oh & according to Wiki, not supposed to put vinegar in onigiri that's only for sushi... Ooopsss... you are meant to just lightly salt the rice instead.)
3. Using your onigiri moulds, add sushi rice flavouring, then cooled sushi rice 1/2 way up the onigiri moulds (wetting your hands and pushing the rice in to compact it).
4. Add a filling of your choice (pictured above, there is tuna mixed with corn and Japanese mayo, but you can put anything from ham to bacon, whatever suits your fancy).
5. Top up with sushi rice. So it is like a tuna rice sandwich.
6. Cover mould with mould cover & press to compress the rice.
7. Remove cover, then invert & push onigiri out.

Other options: use different flavoured rice sprinklings, or buy japanese beancurd and stuff rice inside... Enjoy!

Below picture... was when I went nuts & produced I think 2 trays of this (maybe it was just 1)... for my god-daughter's 1st month party... :-D


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