Monday, September 27, 2010

A day for wings...

Created: 15-Jul-2008 

I've actually ported this over from my other blog in Wordpress that I'm thinking of shutting down... or just leaving dormant for now (like I did this one... LOL!)

Motivated by the fact that school resumes the coming week, I've had a full and VERY satisfying day of wing creations!! :-) Yup... wing creations!! Two of these wing creations (ladybug & grasshopper) had already been made prior as birthday dress-ups for when DS1 was 3 yrs old & DD was 1 yr old. When DS1's kinder teacher saw them, she absolutely loved them. So I've just resized the wings to fit the bigger vests. Easy as pie!

The dragonfly however, was newly created in this last week & I had to rethink of how to make them. I'm totally happy with the result! They did come out better than I had expected. *hehe*  :-D

As for the butterfly wings at the end, they were created just for my daughter... who seems to be going through an "I love butterfly" stage (as I guess most little girls of about 3 yrs would at this age). I'm guessing that this love of butterflies have also been further inspired by Dorothy from the Wiggles... when she sings "Butterflies flit from flower to flower... dancing their happy way..." as my DD absolutely LOVES that song! The wing pattern themselves, were inspired by those T-shirts that they sell at "Cotton-On for Kids"...  :-). I thought it was a great idea & so decided to create them for my daughter too! Finally I have got the ideal thing to create to get rid of all those lengths of netting I'd bought previously for some other idea I had that never eventuated to anything! Oh well!
Here are pictures of those creations!

Oh... & for all those babywearing fans... I actually threaded the shoulder straps of my 1/2 buckle tai through the arm holes of the vests & tied them on... & made for a really cute baby carrier with ladybug wings on!!  *hehe* Just for the fun of it all! What... it was for baby... (I'll see if I can take a picture or two of it & post it up later on!)
OK... here's the picture of my baby carrier with ladybug wings...  :-) Sorry, forgot to lift the hood...


(a) Dragonfly wings
Made with:
Navy polar fleece vests (from Target), Navy blue netting, quilting wadding, thin cotton black cloth, blue remnant fabric (bought with those shiny blue dots already fixed onto the fabric)

(b) Grasshopper wings
Made with:
Green polar fleece vests (from Target), thin cotton green cloth & olive green craft fur fabric

(c) Ladybug wings
Made with:
Black polar fleece vests (from Target), thin cotton black cloth & red with black polka dots craft fur fabric

(d) Butterfly or Angelic wings
Made with:
Navy blue netting

Let me know what you think!




Audrey Ti said...

You sure are TALENTED!! :) Wish we stayed in the same country... I can just imagine the hours of recipe exchanges/crafting ideas we'd have.. LOL

Karen said...

Thanks Audrey... It was one of those days where I felt inspired... Yah... would have been great if we were in the same country eh... for now... we'll just have to swap recipe & crafting ideas via FB & blog... LOL! :-) (I say the same for Kwong Wai too.. remember her?)

Audrey Ti said...

Kwong Wai sounds mighty familiar... is she on FB too? I can't quite put a face to the name though. I blame it on having kids, my brain cells aren't quite the same after babies :) LOL