Saturday, May 21, 2011

Farewell Dinner...

Farewell Dinner: 20-May-2011

I found this cake idea & wanted to try to reproduce it... & here this is the result, my version of it anyway (which is pretty close, I think... don't you... *hehe*)

Baked this cake to share with the lovely ladies (& hubbies who came too) of the FGA ladies' group who attended the farewell dinner for Aunty Breda & Uncle Koo...
We will miss you both greatly! Come back for visits soon!

 I baked chocolate cupcakes and the Asian cotton soft cheesecake as the cake in the middle. Both the cupcakes and the cheesecake was covered in Vanilla Butter Cream Cheese Frosting that was absolutely yum... (btw, the chocolate version of this frosting placed ontop of the chocolate cupcakes will be the best ever combination!!) 

The farewell dinner was held at Ma Brown Restaurant. Details as follows:

Ma Brown Restaurant
Shop 6, 188-190 Belmore Rd,
Balwyn 3103.

Tel: 9816 3755.

Cutting the cake...

We had a great time there. The company was great & the food was EXCELLENT! It isn't a big restaurant and can get awfully crowded so it would be good to call & make a booking if you wanted to dine there. Just a word of caution, they do try their best but they are rather understaffed so many times you'd need to help yourself to things like tea refills, etc. It is best to book & pre-order your dishes as well as they will take awhile to attend to you when the restaurant gets super busy. Their signature dish is the spicy quails which I've been told you'll have to order at least 3 days in advance but it was totally YUMMY!

The cake was transformed into a
"tears of joy" cake by A. Breda! :-)

FGA Ladies' Group with A. Breda & U. Hock Poo

Here are pictures of what was ordered for that night...
Specialty Spicy Quails - we ordered 2 each! Yummy!!
Yummy crispy duck... Mmmm...
(but help yourself to sauce coz we asked for plum sauce
& chillie oil too, both of which never came!)
Braised Pig Trotter with Herbs
Teow Chew Steam Fish
(sauce is slightly sourish because of the sour plums used)
Sambal Long Beans - YUM!
Prawns with special sauce
And, just for the ladies who attended -
Red Bean Soup for Dessert...



Adeline said...

The cake looks awesome? Its very caring of you to do something like this :)

Adeline said...

What a lovely gesture and the cake is CUTE!

Karen said...

Thanks Adeline... I had great fun doing it... admittedly, had a bit of a chuckle whilst doing it since it was such a cute sad faced cake... LOL! (till it got transformed into a face with the biggest moustache you ever seen... *hahaha* totally hysterical!)