Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Soccer Cake

Birthday Celebrations: 15-May-2011

We celebrated little Josh's b'day yesterday with a little surprise birthday party... His mum, Mary was most delighted & happy... Yay! :-D Blessed Birthday little Josh... :-)

Yummy Caaakkkkeeee!!!  :-)

The most moist delicious chocolate cake
I baked the case (the green field) as a chocolate cake and the soccer ball as an Asian cotton soft cheesecake. Both the base and the ball was covered in Vanilla Butter Cream Cheese Frosting that was absolutely yum... (btw, the chocolate version of this frosting is absolutely the best ever!!) - Part of the frosting was dyed with green & yellow dyes to the right color, then used to cover the base of the cake followed by a healthy sprinkling of rough coconut shavings that had also been dyed with green & yellow dyes.The other part was left as is to cover the "white" part of the ball. The small amount left was dyed with black as dark as I dared go without altering the taste of the frosting resulting in a dark grey instead of a black. If black was absolutely necessary, try using gel or powdered coloring, the colors will be much more intense. The little flower rosettes that made up the soccer ball, giving it color & shape was done using a #5 tip on an icing gun...
The Asian Cotton Soft Cheese Cake
Contrary to belief, I had an absolutely great time decorating this cake! I find it relaxing & fun...  *hehe*  Thanks heaps Anne for providing me with yet another perfect excuse to bake & decorate more cakes... LOL!

Blessed Birthday to you once again Josh... We love you heaps! :-)


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