Tuesday, May 27, 2008

KarriMeBub 1/2 Buckle Tai

One of my other recent completions for a friend...

Had a quick try-on to see how it feels too.... pretty cool if I do say so myself. LOL! :-D

Here is a picture taken by a very talented photographer in our church!

This particular KarriMeBub 1/2 Buckle Tai features:
- padded normal tie shoulders
- padded buckle waist straps
- long body (fits nicely for toddler)
- adjustable bottom (especially great for newborns)
- a nice big pocket
- and an equally nice big hood with button tabs to attach onto shoulder straps when in use!

OK here are a few more photos of her with her bub!

This last photo features a reversible and removable cover using brocade fabric! Great for those more formal & dressier occasions! Pictured here is just 1 side of the brocade, the other side features a turquoise coloured brocade with delightful dragonflies... (which unfortunately we haven't yet had the chance to photograph... sorry to all you dragonfly lovers...) :-)


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